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Check out more in the video below to hear us chat about all things from Jersey Shore to the future of media consumption.

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Some of Sam’s upcoming guests include:
Tues. Aug. 9 Roger Cheng, senior writer, CNET News
Tues. Aug. 16 SWMS Tech Edit Spotlight on content development tools
Tues. Aug. 23 Irina Slutsky, SF reporter, Ad Age
Tues. Aug. 30 Jacob Lopez, reporter,

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Day 3-LIVE from the Consumer Electronics Show- Las Vegas Sun, 09 Jan 2011 03:10:17 +0000 Lauren Wilson This morning CNET recognized the best gadgets at CES and handed out awards for the best phones, tablets, and gaming devices.  The buzz on the Motorola XOOM has not died down, which probably comes as no surprise for winning the Best of Show Award.   According to CNET, this award is a big nod to Google’s work developing the Android Honeycomb operating system.

Day 3 on the CES Floor feels empty and I don’t think that’s a terrible thing. If you are here, and you hadn’t had a chance to look and experience the technology—this is definitely the best time! It can certainly be a challenge and slightly overwhelming to walk the entire show floor, especially if you’re here for a client—like myself.  CES attracted over 250,000 attendees this year, which included exhibitors, manufacturers, journalists, and bloggers (the event was not open to the public).

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Day 2-LIVE from the Consumer Electronics Show- Las Vegas Fri, 07 Jan 2011 22:58:25 +0000 Lauren Wilson Day 2 on the CES Floor started off with a conversation with the always enthusiastic and knowledgeable Sascha Segan from PC Magazine.  When I asked Sascha what the big trends were this year, he said “tablets, tablets, tablets.” A trend that I already discussed in my earlier post, however, it was nice to receive official confirmation from an industry insider and top technology blogger.

Speaking of tablets, I had the opportunity to check out RIM’s Blackberry Playbook 4G tablet.  It was certainly fascinating and it is truly a multi-tasking device with the ability to watch a movie and check the internet simultaneously. The Playbook offers a  7-inch high-resolution display, dual-core 1GHz processor, GPS, high-definition cameras and much more. IntoMobile is calling the product a credible competitor to the Apple iPad and the Motorola XOOM.

If you plan to purchase a tablet, my recommendation is to wait to the Spring or later when all the kinks have been ironed out. That way you will have your choice from the major manufacturers who will likely release their devices around the same time.

Some interesting things that I saw today were:

  • Massage breaks in one corner where you could get a foot & calf massage—this is so necessary from hoofing it on the Show floor.
  • 2011 Audi with Nvidia powered navigation system in the back seats of the vehicle.
  • Mobile Skype demonstrations zooming in on a family’s vacation to the desert.

Believe it or not, I’m actually working at the Show. Things that I missed, but heard about:

  • Common and Olivia Wilde at the Blackberry booth
  • Ford’s CEO Alan Mulally’s keynote  unveiling an electric Ford Focus
  • HTC ‘Thunderbolt 4G LTE handset announcement

Leave your comments on what surprised you at CES this year!

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LIVE from the Consumer Electronics Show- Las Vegas Fri, 07 Jan 2011 16:45:40 +0000 Lauren Wilson Day 1 on the show floor was quite the scene!  I’ve never seen so many crazy and creative ways to attract show goers to electronics.  All your major companies were showcasing cool gadgets and eye grabbing products: Samsung, Sony, Qualcomm (H&K client), Blackberry, Verizon, Cricket, Motorola, Dell, Sprint, countless others, and even the graphic clothing shop, Ed Hardy- what a surprise!

It seemed that each booth was competing for your attention and the technology wasn’t the only main attraction.  One booth had dancers, another offered free lattes,  rock music was background for several executive keynotes at various booths, and one particular booth had famous actors! With all this action, it made it impossible to see the entire show floor in just one day.

Star Wars characters were at the Blue Ray booth, Samsung had elaborate stage performers, and Adrian Grenier from Entourage promoted gadgets at the Blackberry booth.

The two biggest trends on the show floor were tablets and 4G capable devices. Verizon executives unveiled 10 4G LTE devices: four smartphones, two tablets, two mobile hot spots, and two notebooks, in which some will be available as early as March.  Show goers were listening closely to see if Verizon would confirm the rumors on carrying the iPhone; which they did not.

The big tablet announcer this year was Motorola. Motorola divided into two companies this week: Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions. Motorola Mobility released the world’s first Android tablet rivaling the iPad, called the Motorola XOOM Tablet. The company said that the product is redeifing what a tablet experience can be. It is also the first tablet  to feature the latest Google Mobile innovations, including Google Maps 5.0 with 3D interaction, access to over 3 million Google eBooks and Google Talk with video and voice chat.

According to Hayley Tsukayama from the Washington Post, Day 2 at CES is shaping up to be “industry insider day” as the gadget buzz dies down.

The rumor is that Ford’s CEO Alan Mulally might is expected to unveil an electric Ford Focus.  I’ll have to get to the show floor and see!

Leave your comments on what you hope to see unveiled at the show!

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