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In an effort to help provide the best counsel to our clients on which communication channels are most effective in reaching target audiences, H&K conducted a study that uncovered some telling statistics on which medium technology purchasing decision makers and c-level executives found to be the most useful when purchasing critical IT infrastructure.


Three years ago, we likely would have seen much different results. But as you see below, it’s not just about trade media or advertising anymore. A wider net is being casted by decision makers to determine what they’ll buy. For example:

·         58% said word of mouth, pre-established personal relationships and experiences and industry analysts

·         28% said consumer generated media

·         27% said traditional media

·         17% said Advertising


Notice the influence consumer-generated media holds over traditional media. Even though the numbers are quite close, we wouldn’t have seen three years ago as traditional tech trades were far more influential than social media. Now, 24% said they wouldn’t purchase technology upon reading an unfavorable review and an equal 24% said they wouldn’t even check the credibility of the source before trusting a blog’s accuracy, 1-in-4 of your sales leads!! The numbers are likely to climb even higher.


It’s obvious our technology and communications worlds are both evolving and synchronizing.  As we see above, no one communications channel is that much more dominant than the other but much heavier emphasis is being put on the digital realm. This means, as companies try to fulfill their sales goals in a difficult economy, their communications strategies must take a more holistic approach, reaching across all avenues, to ensure they are reaching their target sales market. And before anyone says “why bother with traditional media,” let’s not forget a large portion of influence within word of mouth is, in fact, traditional media.


As an example, Carol Wilson of Telephony Magazine believes these findings will force telecom giants to closely monitor what is being said about them on the web. For more information, please read the executive summary.


If you were a key decision maker, where would you look to get the best information?



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