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are still trying to grapple with – knowing they need to embrace it, but not
sure how. Knowing that this is the future, but not sure how to persuade internal
colleagues and executives that the potential risk is worth the potential reward
just yet. I thought this WSJ article was a pretty good primer for marketers.

Increasingly those of us in PR are seeing “traditional”
journalists producing more and more for their organizations’ web outlets, not
just the “hard copy”. They’re establishing brands online and are finding their
feet with it. What’s their beat, how do they cover their beat while also
ensuring they’re producing enough online content – where hits are tracked by
their editors, where salary is often affected by the number of people reading
their story. When media companies like the Tribune are going into bankruptcy,
one can’t really see the trend towards measurement abating. Can you?

We’ve seen a lot of this in Tech PR, just look at some of
the sites we’ve linked to on the left of this page. But I wonder what impact
the arrival of a new, famously web-enabled, Administration will have on how DC
journalists ply their trade – online and offline? Beyond blogging, I wonder how
they will engage in the two way dialogue that is the hallmark of web 2.0. And
what then happens those first few times when it’s the not “right” sort of
response? How will the government respond when there’s less protection in the
polls and as tough choices start to have an impact? Much more to come on this
topic, but I think it’s going to be a fascinating story to watch in 2009.

What do you think will happen with D.C 2.0? Or is that just all too much hype?

p.s. Congratulations to our Pro Bowls Skins! And Happy
Holidays all!

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