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  1. Handset announcements took center stage once again this year. The screens are bigger, the interface slicker, the batteries solar powered and the memory capabilities are larger, but what happened to all the flip phones? Despite a few new models, the design format du jour seems to be the slider or a bar format. As someone that still pockets a Motorola Razor phone each day, I’m feeling a bit out of touch.
  2. The shows seems to have helped stoke the battle of the mobile operating systems, with Android and Symbian making a strong showing and Microsoft unveiling Windows Mobile 6.5 and the new Windows Marketplace app store. Android is clearly a threat to Microsoft’s plans for Windows Mobile and the company can’t afford to sit idle while Android and Symbian gain nearly another year of improvements and with the next iPhone on the horizon.
  3. It wouldn’t be a wireless show without a little talk about the future of the networks. Long term evolution (LTE), the step-up from HSDPA/HSUPA and the standard most of the world is counting on to deliver 4G (not lookin’ good WiMax), also got a fair amount of coverage. LTE trials are starting to pop-up around the world and we got the chance to see some LTE-enabled smartphone prototypes already on display by LG and Samsung amongst others, but the biggest piece of news on the LTE front is the announcement of a new logo that somehow reminds me of one of my favorite dishes. You be the judge:

Disclosure: Hill & Knowlton works with the GSM Association and other wireless organizations

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