Mobile World Congress, the countdown is on…

08 February 2010

We’ve got less than seven days until what has arguably turned into the most important mobile industry event in the world, Mobile World Congress – or MWC – 2010, gets underway. From 15 – 18 February the leaders of the mobile world converge on Barcelona to define the industry’s agenda for the next few years.

There have been some surprises this year in terms of the companies who have chosen not to join the event; nonetheless, the show’s stature continues to grow as mobile becomes ever more central to consumer and enterprise technology and communications.

Each day this week, we’ll be highlighting what we think are the key trends that will be capturing the attention of media, analysts and the business community at this year’s event.  But, it’s not just our view. We’ve spoken to a large number of media and analysts and drawn on the global expertise of the H&K network to bring you our view of what will be on the agenda next week.

Today’s trend to highlight is…

Trend #5: Emerging Markets:

The adoption of HSPA or WiMax in emerging markets has shown us perhaps the most definitive evidence we’ve seen in mobile of technology “leap-frogging”. The innovative applications of advanced mobile technologies in emerging markets have shown us all what can be achieved when you ignore established business models and look for alternatives. What’s more, these technologies are being used to solve, ‘basic’ problems, like getting products to market, rather than for entertainment.

There’ll be a large contingent of government bodies and mobile operators from emerging markets present at the show. Yes, they represent a new revenue stream for handset manufacturers.  But they also have something to teach us about what can be achieved when you shift the focus to “greenfield” thinking, rather than “blue sky”.

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