MWC Trend #4: Smartphones

09 February 2010

Carriers have been talking about Smartphones as a new source of data revenue for several years, but it’s been the work of Apple, RIM and Google’s Android that has made this a reality. The trend is expected to continue at MWC 2010. Handset manufacturers, including Palm and Samsung, are likely to unveil new, lower-priced models aimed at the mid-tier, which will continue to stimulate the market.

Google’s Android is still one-to-watch as it continues to promise lower-priced models with advanced features including GPS, application stores, evolving form factors and an enhanced Web-browsing experience. It’s an operating system that is set to grow in popularity as handset manufacturers roll out new models which will extend beyond phones to include set-top boxes and new form factors such as tablets, netbooks, smartbooks and more. However, this popularity could prove to be a double-edged sword – the more device-makers adopt the operating system, the more it will become fragmented.

What is true is that the promise of data revenues – whatever the platform – are starting to become a reality.

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