MWC Trend #3: Evolving Mobile Internet Experience

10 February 2010

Apple’s iPhone made the mobile Web make sense for mainstream consumers; handset manufacturers and software companies have been playing catch-up ever since. Mobile operators recognise the boon that data services, new categories and app stores bring to ARPU and are looking to recreate that experience for their customers. There will be some app store fatigue and confusion among attendees and media, so differentiation and proof points will be vital to achieve cut through.

Analysts expect to hear more about efforts from carriers and handset manufacturers to integrate social networking sites, including Facebook, Bebo and LinkedIn. While it remains to be seen whether social networking really will be a ‘killer app’ for reinvigorating traditional mobile revenue streams, it’s certainly helping operators to bridge the gap between the decline in voice and mainstream data usage; and more importantly it is encouraging ‘laggards’ to want a data package. Yes, we could be getting there…

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