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If media coverage and excitement where the best indicator of who’s who in the global technology industry, there would be no doubt where we stood. The creators of this video are very clear on who matters out there:

I’ve just done a little research and am reliably informed (thanks, Wikipedia) that:

  • Twitter – ” …internal projections that in 2009 they would have revenues of $400,000 in the third quarter (Q3) and $4 million in the fourth quarter (Q4)”
  • Facebook – “In October 2008, Zuckerberg said “I don’t think social networks can be monetized in the same way that search did… In three years from now we have to figure out what the optimum model is.”

Whereas, and just for example:

  • Cisco – $36.11 billion revenue (2009)
  • HP – $115 billion revenue
  • IBM – $100+ billion revenue
  • Intel – $35 billiion (2009)
  • Oracle – $23 billion revenue (2009)

Twitter and Facebook are great but keeping things in perspective, the gorillas are still in the room.

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#MWC10 Trend Number One: Apple iPad Fri, 12 Feb 2010 11:34:37 +0000 Zoe Lawrence In 2007 Apple stole the show without even turning up by announcing the iPhone four weeks before MWC opened. Three years later and they have done it again. Despite the fact that the company won’t even have a presence at the show, one of the hottest topics of conversation is likely to be the iPad. The device will not only impact mobile operators, but publishers, advertisers and entertainment companies. While some early media reports are more sceptical than for past Apple announcements, many media attendees will likely lead with the premise that the iPad could reshape the industry. Focusing on the opportunity for smartbooks and other competitive solutions will require clear differentiation and USP articulation.

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MWC Trend #3: Evolving Mobile Internet Experience Wed, 10 Feb 2010 08:57:51 +0000 Zoe Lawrence Apple’s iPhone made the mobile Web make sense for mainstream consumers; handset manufacturers and software companies have been playing catch-up ever since. Mobile operators recognise the boon that data services, new categories and app stores bring to ARPU and are looking to recreate that experience for their customers. There will be some app store fatigue and confusion among attendees and media, so differentiation and proof points will be vital to achieve cut through.

Analysts expect to hear more about efforts from carriers and handset manufacturers to integrate social networking sites, including Facebook, Bebo and LinkedIn. While it remains to be seen whether social networking really will be a ‘killer app’ for reinvigorating traditional mobile revenue streams, it’s certainly helping operators to bridge the gap between the decline in voice and mainstream data usage; and more importantly it is encouraging ‘laggards’ to want a data package. Yes, we could be getting there…

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