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A group of people, including Mike Butcher, is looking set to build on the area’s existing concentration of technology skills and entrepreneurship. On 1st April, they are opening the doors to London’s TechHub, which will provide, “…a physical space in London for tech startups, [which is] affordable, accessible and a great environment to bring together the right people in one place.”

This is potentially great news for the UK and Europe plc, which has only rarely created a market leading global technology company.

Europe contains regions that harbour a multitude of tech companies, such as the UK’s M4 corridor and London as a whole. However, companies and individuals there don’t seem to lock together in a way that builds a genuinely vibrant ideas culture. Even if ideas are created, it is doubtful that many people would have easy access to the support mechanisms and advice that would help them drive those ideas to market.

Everyone always says that Silicon Valley provides all of these things in spades, and that’s why so many successful companies have been founded there. If the TechHub can nurture Europe’s own around Old Street’s roundabout in the same way, we’ll hopefully have our own GoocrosacleBMtter to celebrate in the years to come.

To everyone behind TechHub, well done and good luck.

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