The Floating ‘O-tel’

15 June 2009

“All dressed up and no place to go…?”  It’s the way a lot of 2010 ticket holders are feeling right now.  Although renting a home from  a local Vancouverite is still an option, it may not appeal to everyone.  For those looking for a ‘hotel experience’ but can’t find a hotel (join the club)- look no further!  Newwest Special Projects will be chartering a Deluxe Freestyle Cruise Ship from Norwegian Cruise Line (the Norwegian Star)and docking it on the North Shore, just ten minutes from downtown during the 2010 Olympic Games.

The Norwegian Star will feature all the amenities, activities and entertainment programs as it would if it were at sea.  Packages begin at $350 USD and include meals, airport transfers, daily transfers from/to the ship to North Vancouver’s Sea Bus Terminal, and even a city tour of Vancouver.  The Star can accomodate nearly 9,000 guests with a variety of rooms and suites available from Inside and Outside Staterooms to Mini Suites with balconies, to deluxe Penthouse suites.

If you decide to leave the cruise and actually attend one of the Olympic events (which we know will be difficult) and don’t want to pay the outrageously over-the-top food prices for lunch while out… The ‘O-tel’ will be happy to pack you a brown bag lunch to go! 

Luxury, convenience, and affordability – something we Vancouverites aren’t used to!

Check it out:

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