More than just The Games!

08 July 2009

In just a matter of months, people from all over the world will be coming out to Vancouver to experience the 2010 Games.  We Vancouverites know what you travelers are in for, but do you?  Let’s just say, we doubt 2010 will be your only trip out this way!

If you’re one of the millions who have booked your flights and have your Games tickets ready, have you thought about what you’re going to do on the days where you don’t have plans?  Why not experience the real deal and see what British Columbia is all about?!

Exposure Travel, a local Vancouver Adventure Travel company works directly with their clients to customize the perfect adventure that fully encompasses British Columbia and what it is that you’re looking to experience.  Whether it be an Eco-Safari, a secluded island get-a-way, sunset cruise, heli-jet adventure, golfing off the coast, or even taking a hike off the beaten path, Exposure will ensure you get the adventure you’ve only dreamed of!

Oh, and no worries about food, accommodation, or any of those details – all taken care of by the experts!

2010 shouldn’t be ALL about the athletes… live your own dream, while you’re at it!

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