The Leopard has made his Mark….

30 July 2009

A little tid bit about a pretty cool and interesting 2010 athlete…

Known as the ‘Snow Leopard’ from Ghana, this 2010 Slalom and Giant Slalom (a sport that makes up the “technical events” in alpine ski racing) athlete is not only new to the scene, he’s also the first ever athlete from Ghana to compete at any Olympic Winter Games.  Oh, and he’s pretty adorable!

Otherwise known as Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong, the Snow Leopard (titled after his eye-catching leopard print ski attire), was born in Glasgow, Scotland to parents of Ghanaian decent.  Spending most of his childhood traveling from Scotland to Ghana to Nigeria, he later moved onto the UK where he received his Master’s degree.  It was there, that Kwame discovered a liking for Slalom.

Kwame’s true passion for the mountain didn’t come until later in life… in fact, until seven years ago, the athlete hadn’t ever SEEN snow!

While living in the UK, studying for his Masters, Kwame took up skiing and it’s thanks to his job at an indoor ski dome in Milton Keynes, UK that he decided to challenge himself to compete at the highest level of skiing, going from novice skier to semi-pro in four years.

This past March, after an intense period of training, Kwame received news that he had qualified to compete at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games, as the FIRST EVER Winter Olympic athlete from Ghana.

Anyone else hear the echoes of the Jamaican bobsleigh team?

Keep your eyes on the stripes…he’s certainly worth cheering for!

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