The Greatest Party of All…

13 August 2009

Anyone who knows me, knows I reeeeally enjoy throwing a good party.  What is better than bringing together groups of people, people whom otherwise may never have met, and giving them an experience that brings laughter and good conversation?  As I see it, I’m providing an opportunity for friends to meet new people, try new things, and maybe even take on a few new interests.  If I’m lucky, maybe a few new connections will be made and new friends will be formed… and if I’m REALLY lucky, the memories that people will leave with, will leave them wanting more.

Yesterday, while experiencing some of the aftermath relief of yet another, pretty fabulous party (if I do say so myself) last weekend (The Vancouver Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club Annual Pool Party, where I sit on the committee), I found myself poking through the Vancouver Sun.  Right!  It’s the six month countdown to the 2010 Games!  Six months today (yesterday) will be the biggest, greatest, and most fabulous party of them all!

I have never had a party where Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera attend, let alone every media personality you can think of.  Talk about pressure!

In six months, Vancouver will be hosting a party where approximately 2,500 athletes from over 80 countries will be attending (based on the Winter Games in Turin), all of their families, their friends, their fans, their supporters, their coaches, etc.  This is a lot of people!

So are we ready, one might ask?

Venues? – Check.  In fact, all the sports venues are complete and are ready for the athletes to start practicing.  Can we talk about hometown advantage?  Our athletes couldn’t ask for a better scenario and have already been out practicing on turf they will be competing on.

Staff? – In progress, but looking good.  Currently we have 25,000 people volunteering their time and efforts for the Games.  More and more companies are also volunteering to send their employees over to VANOC on secondment (pretty much giving them a once in a lifetime opportunity – and priceless experience).

Transportation? – The Sea to Sky highway from Vancouver to Whistler has been doubled and will soon be complete.  The Canada Line that travels from downtown to Richmond is complete and even three months ahead of schedule.

Ticket Sales? - VANOC has been releasing tickets in phases, and the first phase was sold out in five hours, last December!  Not bad…

Accommodation? – To say hotels will be hard to come by during the Games, is a certain understatement.  With a few options still remaining, such as the 2010 floating hotel (, we’re clearly left dry as far as options.

Guests? – The one thing, as a party planner, you always worry about while planning your soiree – Will people come??  Well, I think this happens to be one concern that is certainly not going to be an issue for us Vancouverites, come 2010.  You couldn’t ask for a better city, better people, a better organizing committee, and a better backdrop.. in fact, you’d be silly not to come.

All in all, I think we’re right on schedule for the planning of Vancouver 2010.  No need to panic, in fact… the fun has only just begun!

Now that you have a bit of background on what’s going on in Vancouver (my previous blogs) follow me as I share with you how I am preparing (and experiencing) the lead-up to the greatest party of all!


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  1. Boyd Neil

    Not surprising that you guys have everything well in hand.

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