With Glowing Hearts… and Hot Fashion!

20 October 2009

It’s been busy… to say the least.  So busy that I haven’t had all that much time to even update everyone on what’s happening here!  With the Torch set to arrive from Greece next week… it’s been insane!  Insane in a good way, of course!


And we Canadians sure know how to weave our heart and heritage into fashion.    From red mittens, to the official 2010 Olympic uniform, to the 2010 Work uniform, all the way to the medals… we’re lookin’ good.  Real good.


“Wear your heart on your hands” is the slogan (which I love) and the product?  Adorable.  VANOC has come out with a Red Mitten program in support of our Canadian athletes.  These warm, fleece lined mittens are a mere $10, with all net proceeds going toward supporting Canadian athletes.  These guys cannot stay on the shelves!  Fret not though, apparently there are 500,000 more en route and will be back on shelves by the end of the month.  These great mitts are available at The Bay, Zellers and Home Outifitters, in addition to the Olympic Store at vancouver2010.com. 



So now to the uniform… for those who said we did not know fashion….perhaps it was the feedback from our Bejing Game uniforms, remember these beauties? 



Who knows!  What I do know, is that our 2010 uniforms are awesome this year!  I would wear each and every item of clothing.


HBC launched these uniforms earlier this month at a fabulous reception at the old Storyeum museum in Gastown – awesome venue with a strong Westcoast feel.  I have to say, they did a great job – great fashion show, the appies were delish, free flowing wine, and an awesome Canadian band that rocked out the rest of the evening… Oh how I love launch parties…


So while we spectators are sporting the above uniforms, those who will actually be working the Games will be sporting some pretty spiffy uniforms themselves.  In fact, I kinda want those too.  Check ‘em out!



I really like the two-toned blue on blue – so Vancouver.  It’s funny how these ‘uniforms’ pretty much look like something your typical Kitsilano native would wear while shopping 4th Ave.  Brilliant. 


Now, what would fashion be without a little bling.  Last Thursday, the official 2010 Olympic medals were unveiled.  They’re gorgeous.


Each medal is entirely unique, a small piece of a larger based piece of artwork of an orca whale (Olympic) and raven (Paralympic).  The medals were produced by The Royal Canadian Mint, with the metal supplied by Canadian mining giant, Teck Resources Limited.  The medals themselves are very heavy, in fact they weigh between 500 and 560 grams!  There’s always a price for looking good.

Inspired by ocean waves, drifting snow and mountainous landscapes (all things Vancouver), the medals aren’t your typical slab of medal, they’re curved…  too bad we can’t buy those at The Bay too… I’d take one of each.

So, now we’re up to speed on the fashion… next stop is the torch, which gets lit tomorrow.  Here we go folks! 

I’ll be in Victoria next week when the torch lands in BC and heads across the country.  I’ll be sure to fill you in on the experience.  In the meantime, don’t forget to check me out on twitter as well – @HKVancouver2010.




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