A City of Smiles!

22 January 2010

22 days.  22 DAYS!!! 

Am I the only one that is starting to wonder what’s going to happen AFTER the Games?  What did Vancouverites do before we won the 2010 bid?  What did we talk about?  Share stories about? Get angry about?  Protest?  Get pumped for?  Hmmm…

The last two days I have been hanging out with our lovely clients at the Royal Canadian Mint.  We had coin exchanges at key locations across the city – exchanging the newest Olympic circulatoin coin, the Cindy Klassen coin, for regular quarters.  We provided the fancy collector cards to get people started with their collection and of course, provided info on the Mint’s Pavilion which will take place at 500 Granville street during the Games.  Now, if you’re familiar with Vancouver, you know that we are not only are the host city to the 2010 Olympic Games, but also a host city to some fabulous people… some characters… and even a few peeps who are questionable (very questionable).  I met them all during the past 48 hours. 

There certainly is no lack of emotion/passion when it comes to the Games coming to Vancouver.  I would say 99% of the people we engaged with during these coin exchanges, were OVER THE MOON about the Games.  It was great!  I heard so many stories about WHY people were over the moon… people are so willing to tell their Olympic life story and explain how they are touched by the Games – someone’s brother ran with the torch, someone’s mom was an athlete at Torino Games, someone helped build one of the live-sites, someone has gone to every Game for the past 12 years…  It was unbelievable – so many people with so many connections to this one event.  This one event (that happens to be happening in our city) is making SOO many people SOO happy, SOO inspired, SOO motivated, engaged, passionate…  I have never felt so connected to so many people (I can only imagine the future connections, as we draw closer to Games Day). 

We are living a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  How often can we meet complete strangers on the street, some of whom we would never speak to otherwise, and share stories, laughs, tears, excitement over something we all have in common?  It’s amazing.

That said, you know when you have that dream… the one that’s just AWESOME.  Everything in your life is great – the day is perfectly exceptional and you can’t wipe the smile off your face? …. then you wake up.  It’s not as though you can’t ever be that happy again or that the day you’re about to experience is going to be much worse… it’s just that initial disappointment that, it’s over.  It was a dream, and now it’s over.  You secretly try and go back to sleep to see if MAYBE you can catch back up with it… but then it’s weird and not the same…

Anyone else fear this for April 2010?

Regardless, it’s time to live the dream.  We are merely 22 days away and the smiles across Vancouver are spreading and spreading quickly.  It’s exciting here!!!  I can FEEL the Canadian love!!


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