Games Mode

09 February 2010

It’s been years in the making… in fact, since I started at Hill & Knowlton (3.5 years ago), we’ve been talking/working on the Games in some capacity… there are colleagues of mine who have been working since the bid.  We’ve talked about ‘when we hit Games Mode, this’ and ‘when Games Mode hits’, that…  never feeling as though GAMES MODE was EVER going to actually happen…

And then…

Here we are.

The troops have arrived.  Our office is now packed with colleagues from all over North America – Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Chicago…  The troops from New York, Holland, Germany and China, etc. are coming soon!  Our office has transformed – We’re no longer a small, family regional office  – we are in, GAMES MODE.

Look out any window in our office, and you’ll find a helicopter, if not three, hovering over the city.  People are traipsing around the city with their countries proudly written on their backs, the city is packed, restaurants are filled, and the city is humming.  It’s exciting… and as the advertisements go – “You gotta be here!”

I am opening this blog up to all my colleagues working on the Games.  For the next few weeks, I am encouraging all my colleagues to post their own thoughts, their own experiences and their own adventures here, to share with you.   With H&K’s fabulous client line-up, you will no doubt, get your fill by reading ahead.

Happy Games Mode peeps!!  Only 4 days to go!!

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