Games-time transportation plan

09 February 2010

This weekend we got a clue as to just how many people are arriving from all over the world to celebrate the 2010 Winter Games. The streets downtown are full of people proudly wearing their “Canada” jersey’s, sweaters, t-shirts, and the national teams are starting to arrive wearing their national jackets, sweaters and team colours. Now that we can see just how many people are coming to the city, we are getting a better idea about how much traffic we are going to be seeing in the streets during the games!


So this morning, Whitney and I thought we would be creative to beat the traffic. We decided to have our own  “olympic lane” and take advantage of the beautiful weather we are having.  So instead of adding to congestion on the streets, we ran to work. We’ve never had a better commute – although this morning was a little frostier than it has been – check out a couple photos we took during our morning commute about 2 blocks from the office.  I don’t know if anyone will want to go home after these games are over!


Tara for Team H&K

check out us in Vancouver, at 7:45am this morning:


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