Week One

19 February 2010


What.  A.  Week.  Where do I start?…

Ah, the Opening Ceremony.

To say that the Opening Ceremony was beautiful, would be SUCH an understatement – almost insulting.  It was stunning, magical, breath-taking, absolutely thrilling.  I laughed, I cried, I had goosebumps the entire time!!  Just being in that room, the same room with the world’s greatest athletes, I felt so honoured to be a part of their experience…  It was impossible to not feel the dreams, the hopes, the excitement and the pride.  You felt it, your heard it, and everyone in that room, spoke it.  I have never been so proud to be a Canadian, and so proud of people whom I’ve never met!!  (I’m getting goose bumps again, as I write this – just remembering all the smiles, and joy-filled eyes)…

The city is BUZZING… there is definitely no lack of enthusiasm here.  Between flash mobs, LOTS of ‘high-fiving’, line-ups (lots and lots of line-ups), and a whole lot of red, it is the greatest place to be right now… I’ve never felt so ALIVE in this city.  In fact, I don’t think this city has ever been so alive! 

I have loads of pictures that I want to upload, but having some technical difficulties, so will upload tomorrow, once it’s sorted out.

Night for now…

Tomorrow I will fill you all in on some of the events I’ve checked out… including a bit of commentary on a few figure skating outfits.  Sometimes you just have to wonder what people are thinking.

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  1. Boyd Neil

    Can’t wait to see the photos . . . figure skating costumes not so much.

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