Thanks “2010″, That was Awesome.

01 March 2010

My ears are still ringing from last night’s horns, honks, screams, and of course, cowbell. 

I gave more high fives last night, then I have given, debatably, in my entire lifetime.  I rubbed shoulders (and I don’t mean in a metaphorical way) with millions of people – some, who I would have chosen not to, if it were an option.  It was pandamonium at its finest.

Could we have asked to wrap up the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games in any better fashion?  We owned that podium, bringing in 14 GOLD MEDALS – dominating EVERY other country. 

Men’s Gold medal Hockey Game?  Ummm… did anyone else kinda feel like they were in a Tom Hanks movie?  Really?  This stuff happens in real life?  AMAZING.  Absolutely the most spectacular sporting event that could ever take place… I’m still in shock it wasn’t scripted.  The streets were absolutely empty (and I know this, b/c I had to walk them as I made a mad dash from one viewing location to another, to meet up with colleagues for the Closing Ceremony).  People huddled in doorways, even coffee shops and clothing boutiques had the Game on and people crowded in, JUST to watch the game.  ROARS of cheers and “eeews and aaahhh” echoed the entire city.  Nothing else mattered.  Nothing.

And after the game… well, EVERYONE was in the streets!!  You couldn’t get anywhere in a hurry… or faster than a turtle’s pace. 

When will we ever experience this again?  Never.  *tear*  *sniff*  It was a moment that will go down in every Vancouverites (and Canadian visitor to Vancouver) book of cherished moments and will be told to generation after generation. 

The past 17 days have been, well… for lack of a better word, magical.  Outside of the massive hangover that the entire city of Vancouver collectively is going through today – both emotionally and consumption wise; you couldn’t ask for a better Winter Games.  We did it, Vancouver…. and we ROCKED it.

To our Canadian Athletes – Thank you.  I have never been so proud to be a Canadian; you have inspired a nation and we are all SO proud!!! 

Congratulations to ALL the athletes, you have just shown the world how AMAZING, how important and how inspiring sport is… for 17 days, you brought the world together.


I have LOADS of pictures, and with those pictures, are loads of hilarious/fun/cool stories!  I am working on gathering them all and will be sharing them shortly!!

Stay tuned!

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